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 Message from the Director, Madam Zena Mshenga

I wish to welcome our Online portal users to our school website.Many thanks to our pupils, parents and staff of ETON school for their co-operative and contribution in the shaping and growth of the institution. ETON school is run by a very experience director, Madam Zena Mshenga, a reknown Senior Principal and Examiner, whose last engagement was Ganjoni Primary School,the best Public school within coast region of Kenya.

Our school Motto: Ad Vitam Paramus, is a latin language meaning, we are preparing for life. Many Excellent insitutions have their motto in Latin.

Education: its importance need not be stressed as we all know that life in this day and age would be impossiblewithout it. In the same breathe, it cannot be stressed enough especially its importance in the early stages of your child's life. The cornerstone of your child's life, the foundation upon which his/her education is built will make or break them. The decisionon which educational institution is capable of taking up that all important task of shaping your child for a bright and promising future is not one which you should take lightly.

Eton school understands the value of a firm educatonal foundation and with this in mind, the administration has tried its very best to provide all theingredients vital to a wholesome,al-inclusive and well-rounded education upbringing.

ETON School runs in 8-4-4 education system to equip your child with all aspects of life by taking a holistic approach to education, laying equal emphasis tolearning both within and outside the classroom.

ETON School also undertakes:
 extra cullicular activities such as: Music Classes, Art & Craft, Information & Technology, E-learning, Exchange Programmes, Happy room:

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